Cohiba Brand Logo Cigar Humidor

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Includes high precision hygrometer, high efficiency humidifier fixed with magnet to invisible metal plate under wood veneer
Unique ventilation ribs to add an improved air circulation within the humidor.

100 Cigars Stick
Real Spanish CedarWood

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Product Description

The Illustrious Cohiba Collection represent a very limited edition of humidor featuring the look and feel of the most outstanding brands in the cigar world. Built with the highest standard in the manufacturing of high class humidors. Exhibiting a precision on the minimum details to optimize the life of your most precious stogies and delight the sight of any cigar lover. Of every design there are only 200 manufactured on the world. The humidors are coming in a delicate decorative box wrapped in a protecting bag to avoid any damage to the high-quality multiple lacquer finish.


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