Quai D’Orsay No.50 (Box Of 10)*CASA Privados*

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The Quai D’Orsay 50 is a beautifully constructed cigar. Many new cigar aficionados start their journey through cuban cigars with the Quai Dorsay 50. It is a short-medium smoke that fits at anytime of the day. The brand Quai D’Orsay is becoming very popular in the United States. The brand was born specifically for France and with time it has become a very demanded brand all over the world. It is one of the best sellers Cigars and all our customers that tried it, have always repeated.

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Product Description

The Quai D’Orsay is stepping into the forefront of the limelight by introducing the new exclusive vitolas the Quai D’Orsay No. 50. Quai D’Orsay was first created in the early 70’s as a Cuban cigar made specifically for the French market. The purpose of the cigar was to embody the French Luxury lifestyle. As the years passed on so did the production of this brand. More and more cigars became extinct only to be subsidized by the very limited production of a few regional releases.

Roll forward about 40 years and this brand is making a comeback. The release of the Quai D’Orsay No. 50 and 54, marks a revitalization of the brands old ways of making quality cigars. The factory name is No. 50 but most refer to this exotic release as the Petit Robusto. (A short version of a robusto, usually 4.5 inches with a 48-50 ring gauge.) The new shiny band marks the re-design of the brand.

Ring Gauge: 50


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